Safety & Insurance

For over 10 years we have maintained an impeccable safe driving record. Before our chauffeurs are hired they must pass a drug & alcohol screening test. In addition, MVR and background checks are mandatory. Random drug & alcohol screening is performed throughout a chauffeurs tenure with BHN. Although most of our chauffeurs are hired with experience,we train them with over 40 hours of classroom training and then on the road experience. All chauffeurs are required to attend the Smith defensive driver course (same as our police and firefighter training) as well as hit certain milestones in real time performance. In addition drivers are monitored by GPS vehicle tracking systems. Driving speeds, idling times and locations can be monitored by our 24-hour dispatch team.

Our fleet of vehicles are maintained to the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule or better to keep them in a safe running condition. All vehicles are pre and post trip inspected daily in order to catch any immediate problem or condition.

We at King strive to maintain the highest customer standards to ensure our clients a safe and pleasant trip.

Our safety procedures assured our Insurance coverage continuity with the same Insurance Company for over 5 years with no interruptions and no need to transfer to a different company every two years averagely like our competitors.

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